Asgardia “came” to Vladivostok

Asgardia “came” to Vladivostok

The claims of the military department to the gardeners of Vladivostok may be connected with the interests of Igor Ashurbeyli, the former head of Almaz-Antey .

Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako appealed to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu with a request to resolve the situation with the attempts of the Ministry of Defense to take away the land on which private property is now located.

The background is this: the military department, on the basis of documents of 1932 and 1939, where the ownership is assigned to the Ministry of Defense, suddenly decided to achieve the annulment of ownership of about 300 land plots in the Sadgorod area (a suburb of Vladivostok), which it itself gave to the city. Previously, there were no complaints about them.

The city subsequently gave part of the plots to privileged categories of residents. Other territories were redeemed. Now houses have been built on them, some people pay loans that they took out to purchase real estate.

The revocation of rights means that people will no longer be able to pass on plots by inheritance, gift them or sell them. Moreover – they can be obliged to demolish buildings at their own expense! Now the residents of Sadgorod began to receive lawsuits from the Ministry of Defense about the annulment of the ownership of the land where they now live.

In fact, this story dates back to 2018, when the territory near Sadgorod, which belongs to the municipality, became the object of attention of the Federal State Treasury Institution “Sanatorium and Resort Complex” Far East “of the Ministry of Defense.

This site is used for the Zarnitsa game and belonged to the municipality. After the institution of the Ministry of Defense tried to sue the territory in its favor, the court recognized the right of the municipality not to own it as absent, but the Ministry of Defense did not give the site either.

Near the designated area is the Sokol sanatorium belonging to the Ministry of Defense. He owns it the same structure of the military department that sued the administration – FGKU “Sanatorium-Resort Complex” Far East “of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. She tried to prove that the site belongs to Sokol. Once it really was the territory of the Ministry of Defense, but after a series of perturbations, when it was given to the municipality, then partially changed, this right was lost.

It can be assumed that the story of an attempt to transfer the lands of the municipality to the ownership of the Ministry of Defense was a kind of “seed” for future acquisitions. Taking into account the fact that the court made a rather ambiguous decision, there is room for future possible “pushing” of the property rights of FGKU: what in that case, what in the current situation.

As the correspondent of The Moscow Post in Primorsky Krai managed to find out, the interests of influential billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli may be behind what is happening. Details are in The Moscow Post.

Ashurbeyli’s royal appetites

FGKU “Sanatorium-Resort Complex “Far East” is headed by a certain Yason Demeeev – Honorary Consul of South Ossetia in the Far Eastern Federal District.

He was also a founder in the legal entity of the Renaissance party, the founder of which is Igor Raufovich Ashurbeyli. This is a former top manager of the Almaz-Antey concern, whose person Interpol is allegedly now dealing with.

The fact is that after the departure of Mr. Ashurbeyli, who had been in charge of the concern for 10 years, from the Almaz-Antey East Kazakhstan region, the controllers missed 2/3 of the property of the once most powerful concern, which turned out to be sold out.

Moreover, part of the property ended up in the office, which Ashurbeyli himself established – we are talking about OJSC KB-1. As a result, out of 152 real estate units, the Almaz-Antey concern has only 11 left! Subsequently, Ashurbeyli engaged in an additional issue of shares of KB-1 OJSC, took 76% of the assets and transferred them to the offshore WVRE Limited through World Villas Real Estate Limited.

Thus, the property of the strategic enterprise ended up abroad. In the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo park, a whole castle appeared on the site of the former stadium. The territory under the castle belongs by right of lease to St. Elizabeth’s Abode LLC, which belongs to Ashurbeyli.

Love for foreign jurisdictions can be traced in the business registered on Arushbeyli to this day – his Moscow-Sokol LLC at different times was registered with five different foreign companies.

The fact that they are connected with Arushbeyli suggests GOR CORPORATION LTD, according to the Cypriot registry, is controlled by Anna Bochishcheva, the chairman of the board of directors of the Sotsium-Sokol company founded by Arushbeyli.

Even the address where the office is based, indicated on the site – Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, Building 80, Building 16, coincides with the registration address of NPO Almaz. In general, JSC “KB-1” and several other legal entities with the prefix “Socium” that may be related to Arushbeyli are registered there.

Murder and espionage

The auction of unprecedented generosity at Almaz-Antey is still going on – already under the current leadership in the person of Mikhail Podvyaznikov. The Moscow Post covered this story in detail in the investigation “When orderlies do not help: Almaz-Antey’s property went to a” fantasy state “.

As our source in the concern said, Mr. Ashurbeyli may be involved not only in the withdrawal of assets, but also in the mysterious murders of top managers of the Almaz-Antey concern.

Recall that in 2003 the body of the chief director of the Obukhov plant, Alexander Poretsky, was discovered. In the same year, the killers dealt with Igor Klimov, who was acting. Director General of the Almaz-Antey Concern. Following Klimov, Sergei Shchetko, the general director of JSC RATEP, died. This company was part of the structures of Almaz-Antey.

Perhaps these people knew too much about Ashurbeyli’s “diamond” business? One way or another, the figure was eventually asked to leave due to the failure to meet the deadlines for the delivery of defense products.

The former top was also suspected of espionage. Rumor has it that the merchant created Socium international knowledge systems Inc in the United States, which acted as the official representative of the capital’s data sales company. Could Ashurbeyli “welcome” on the sale of domestic secrets?

expansion operation

The former top manager of Almaz-Antey is known as a person who talked on every corner that he would create his own state of Asgardia. Some even thought he was crazy. But in vain – it seems that the enterprising manager succeeded quite well – in the case of Almaz-Antey’s assets. There is an opinion that Ashurbeyli only pretends to be a “fool” so that there are fewer questions – and he himself is allegedly engaged in the privatization of state property with knowledge of the matter.

And now, is it not Ashurbeyli who is trying to “put his hand” into the “garden” of the former territories of the Ministry of Defense in order to continue the development of a certain state, which, it seems, has become an idea of ​​​​an alleged philanthropist? Only now, instead of the common good, it brings property happiness, it seems, only Ashurbeyli – to the detriment of the interests of his native country.

During his work at Almaz-Antey, the latter often encountered employees of the military department on duty. It can be assumed that old connections and “his” people allow him now to turn simple manipulations.

“For the past five years I have been lifting about a dozen sanatoriums from their knees,” Demeev said in one of his interviews. Just forgot to mention in whose interests.

And now a mass of ordinary people are at risk of losing the right to, perhaps, the only housing for which many are also paying a mortgage. All because of the irrepressible appetites of the “King of Asgardia”?